Air2Cycle WindTunnel Technology

Indoor wind tunnels are skydiving simulators where professional tunnel flyers, skydivers, military and recreationists can experience freefall settings without danger of injuries and at a much lower cost than the regular skydiving ventures.

⮚ 26 public wind tunnels opened in 2019.
⮚ 2019. ended with 188 operational public wind tunnels worldwide
⮚ 45 new projects in the pipeline for 2020.

⮚ From the viewpoint of sustainable development and energy optimization, it was perceived that the current technology of wind tunnels in overall cost is much higher during the period of operation than the cost of construction itself.

⮚ To find the efficiency necessary for the operation of high energy-consuming indoor skydiving tunnels.

⮚ Development of indoor AIR2CYCLE wind tunnels within the metro stations using the air that is already recycled and purified trough metro HVAC system, with 0.0% credit of carbon. At the same time, skydiving tunnels become essential for functional railway or metropolitan structures. First A2C wind tunnels will be built for Grand Paris Project.

August 2020: 237 Wind Tunnels in operation

Source: IndoorSkydivingSource

Grand Paris Expressway
Source: Grand Paris Project

Grand Paris Project

Grand Paris Project is the largest ongoing infrastructure project in Europe, designed to maintain the status of Paris as a truly global city.

The backbone of the Grand Paris will be the construction of the Grand Paris Express, a new automated metro system, representing an investment of 32 billion euros.

It is already under construction and in the coming years, it will double the size of the existing metro network with 200km of metro lines and 68 new stations.

Key Benefits

⮚ 100% sustainable facility – using the recycled air that is already provided by metro stations Require no further engagement of additional energy sources.
⮚ Competitive service price – with free energy and low CO2 tax, A2C tunnels will position as the best price value destination for professional and recreational flyers.
⮚ Accessibility and footfall – locations within the metro stations bring thousands of potential visitors and clients daily to the tunnel and strongly promote the sport itself to a wide audience.
⮚ Diversity and attractiveness of metro locations, rising environmental awareness.


New Generation of Entrepreneurs

An independent French company that develops around the construction industry and participates in the construction of major infrastructures and in urban or local projects.
• 2.497 billion EUR turnover in 2019.
• 4 billion EUR value of signed projects in progress.
• 11000 employees.


Artelia Group

International, multidisciplinary consultancy, engineering and project management group specialized in sectors of building construction, infrastructure, water, industry and the environment.
• 5900 employees and turnover of €632m in 2018.
• Offices in more that 30 countries in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Americas.
• 100% owned by its managers and employees.


The world’s leader in design, manufacturing, sales and operations of wind tunnel system for indoor skydiving.
• First tunnel launched in 1998., with over 8 000 000 flights ever since.
• Has more than 72 facilities operating worldwide with 32 wholly-owned in the US.
• Privately owned company with headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Current Project Status

⮚ NGE, main contractor for Grand Paris Express, has already included Air2Cycle
wind tunnel technical ideas in the project Grand Paris Phase 1
⮚ NGE had signed the contract for 36 metro stations, out of which 25 agreed to have Air2Cycle wind tunnel built in.
⮚ L’ Atelier du Moulin, Artelia and iFly engineers are progressing in research and development of the infrastructure and airflow technology.

Activities to follow in 2020

⮚ Negotiations for the remaining 35 stations will take place with the Métro de Paris RATP and all the mayors of the city governing Grand Paris project, to be able to sign the second part of the contract (project timeline until 2035.)
⮚ Further research and development of the infrastructure and airflow technology.