Montmorillon University of Trades

Montmorillon is a commune in the Vienne department, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (central-western France) with 7.000 inhabitants, known as Book town and branded as the “City of writing”.
Current facility of 6.500m2 will be extended for additional 7.000m2, semi-buried and planted, invisible from the rest of the estate.

The estimated value of current estate: €12m
Estimated rehab and extension cost: €15m


⮚ Continuation of further development of the Montmorillon city as the educational centre of the area.

Project Mission

⮚ To revitalize 11th century estate with utmost care for the historical and architectural value of the site, applying the latest sustainable energy technologies.
⮚ To create the University of Trades through the excellence of The Companionship. Strong emphasis will be applied for the trades to learn and carry forward necessary skills and competencies to perform tasks in an environmentally most beneficial manner.

Project Objective

⮚ Extension and rehabilitation of the existing “Maison-Dieu” castle structure (former seminary and nursery home) in order to create a private higher education school with capacity of 400 students, including 200 boarders in single or double rooms.

Key Benefits

⮚ The castle will be rehabbed applying the latest sustainable energy assessments and technologies, thus promoting the University with the best possible credentials.
⮚ With the strong involvement of the DRACC, each of the trades will be able to express the reality of their art through involvement in actual on-site and local project.
⮚ Minimizing the cost of works by using the skills of students who will benefit by gathering practice under highly experienced supervision, preventing it from being an obstacle to the success of the program.

Current Project Status

⮚ Negotiations with local authorities in progress.