Leisure and animal park in Civaux, France

A 5000m2 facility built as a 20m high glass dome, autonomous energy tank shelter for a collection of approximately 200 species which come from all the different continents: crocodiles, alligators, caimans or gavials.

Along with its commercial purpose it was created as our technological showcase that presents the entireprocess through an educational course.

Developer: GAPAC


  • In this project, we incorporated new solutions both for heat and water energy and their management, water quality, as well as for care and maintenance to create a completely sustainable and self-sufficient plant that can provide energy for itself.
  • Planet Crocodile is built near a nuclear facility and hot steam from the towers are collected and used to keep warm, humid climate needed for the health of crocodiles. In that way, the building took advantage and used the opportunity offered by the site and neighbourhood which is the 1. point of HQE standards.