The Bubble Extreme

In addition to Air2Cycle project that is already in the progress, the company introduced “The Bubble” concept to the City of Paris and Métro de Paris authorities.
The Bulle© Xtr’m can feature a hotel, shopping, rock climbing, indoor scuba-diving facility, indoor windsurfing, indoor flying tunnel and other facilities built not only for sport but also as an arena for entertainment for organized shows and curious onlookers.


⮚ To use the capacity and occupy the empty space volume above metro stations from the perspective of sustainable development and energy optimization, while answering to the demands of the housing segment of the Grand Paris Project.

Project Mission

⮚ To install the structure on the upper area of metro stations, which by definition needs to satisfy the demand of versatile audience: retail, hotel, conference and amusement centres, office, etc.

Project Objective

⮚ To build 4-8 satellite units circuiting the Paris area in two outer rings, becoming the “green energy spots” and gridding the city with free electricity.
⮚ The specially targeted location is Pleyel, final station of metro line 11 from the centre of Paris to the Olympic village (to be introduced in 2024 for the Olympics). Due to its visibility, this location will be a flagship project showcasing the full potential of GIMG Inc. and know-how behind it. For this location, it is previewed “The Bubble Triptych Extreme”, with compatible sports and adventure animations in it.

Key Benefits

⮚ Attractiveness and free energy for the City of Paris.
⮚ Advocates Paris as an exemplary city in CO2 emission climate combat


New Generation of Entrepreneurs

An independent French company that develops around the construction industry and participates in the construction of major infrastructures and in urban or local projects.
• 2.497 billion EUR turnover in 2019.
• 4 billion EUR value of signed projects in progress.
• 11000 employees.

Current Project Status

⮚ In the first phase of negotiations for 36 metro locations, 6 out of 9 mayors of Paris agreed to include “The Bubble” to occupy the upper volume of the station.

Activities to follow in 2020:

⮚ NGE will be negotiating the terms for remaining 35 locations for Phase 2.