The Bubble

In the past 15 years, Jean-Philippe Gautier and L’ Atelier du Moulin, with support of GMIG Inc. developed a unique patent: “The Bubble”.
It is a self-sufficient bubble-shaped building structure with the transparent dome that enables photovoltaic batteries to work along with the natural capture of energy and water, while the indoor open space area enables unlimited personalization, content and decoration.
It could be built as single or multiple units and appointed as a hotel, amusement park, office, mall, etc.

Personalization Possibilities

⮚ Hotel
⮚ Amusement park
⮚ Shop
⮚ Offices
⮚ Natural amphitheatres
⮚ Sport arena
⮚ Leisure
⮚ Tertiary Museum

Modular Layout

The Bubble can be built as single or multiple unit, forming the energy grid
of different facilities.

Key Benefits

⮚ It optimizes the energy consumption of neighboring facilities, providing an additional source of it for its surroundings.
⮚ Thanks to its specific architectural design and the fact that is fully energy passive, it will enable destination branding as a place that reduces greenhouse gases, takes care about the environmental protection and nourishes biodiversity.
⮚ Being placed at attractive positions with great flow of people the building itself due to its shape, structure and coverage, has a strong visual identity and will attract other clients and investors.

“The Bubble” Projects Currently in the Pipeline

⮚ The Bubble Extreme
⮚ Futuroscope “The Triptych Bubble”
⮚ Poland “The Triptych Bubble”