The Triptych Bubble

”The Triptych Bubble” is a complex of 3 mutually connected bubble-shaped structures with a central lobby and horizontal wind turbines.
It can cater to a variety of facilities and scenographies. Mutually connected units add to diversity and profit by communal gains of energy use and operations.


⮚ To continue further development of Futuroscope Park project with the newest solutions in renewable energy and sustainable development.

Project Mission

⮚ To build The Triptych Bubble situated on the plot in the vicinity of the Arena, as the second phase of Futuroscope extension.

Project Objective

⮚ Project objective meets the demand of Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. who targeted this destination and The Bubble for its new hotel in total capacity of 350 hotel rooms, plus other formats of animation and tertiary services in addition.

Key Benefits

⮚ Using the resources of The Bubble energy patent, the building will produce 6 GW of electricity, 30% of which will be used for the facility, and 70% will be sold to external buyers.
⮚ The site will be garnished with unconventional hotel building what adds to the attractiveness of the location, with a focus on future environmental management.


New Generation of Entrepreneurs


La Vienne conseil général du 86

Current Project Status

⮚ Project is in the study and development phase, with 80% readiness and with 6 months ahead for finalizing.
⮚ Negotiations with involved parties in progress.

Activities to follow in 2020:

⮚ Further studies for technical solutions.
⮚ To progress with the negotiations.